YBGSNA – the Architectural firm of Baer, Shifman-Nathan Architects was founded less than a decade ago, and has emerged as one of the leading firms on the Jerusalem scene. The office has accumulated wide experience in significant public projects for the Hebrew University, Ben-Gurion University, the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Planning Authority. Our firm provides architectural services in urban master-planning, urban design, building design, restoration, historic preservation and interior design, on the scale of both national and international projects. Special skills are available in research, development and communication of urban strategies in complex contexts and multiple interests.


Our firm is currently involved in a number of international collaborations such as with the renowned British firm Foster + Partners, the BBC and with the Shenzhen based firm APEX. We participate regularly in both national and international design competitions and we have received numerous awards. Recently we opened our Shenzhen studio in China.


We regard our work as a result of a continuous design process throughout the project, in which both client and Architect work together in order to achieve best value and architectural quality. For us, buildings encompass involvement in the concept and design stage, through planning, to construction and completion of the project. Our expertise is based upon a solid foundation of budget, process and program control, and an intensive dialogue with the city, the client, consultants, contractors and end users.


Special Projects and Exhibitions:

2002 The Grand Egyptian Museum at Giza, Egypt (with Arctic Architects) – international competition.
2002 Landmark Tower / U2, Britain Quay, Dublin, Ireland – international competition
2003 The Nan June Paik Museum, Korea – international competition
2003 Students’ Housing at the Technion, Haifa, Israel – competition
2004 Landmark east, Cambridge UK, an international competition
2005 An Egalitarian Orthodox Synagogue (winning entry in a competition), Ramat-Gan Museum
2006 North Terminal, Be’er Sheba, Israel (UIA) – international competition
2007 The New Bezalel Campus, Jerusalem, Israel – international competition
2008 Newark Visitors’ Center, Newark, New Jersey, USA – international competition
2008 The Cheongna City Tower, Incheon, Korea – international competition
2009 Eilat Municipality, Eilat, Israel – competition
2010 The Fashion Museum in Omotestando Street, Tokyo – international competition.
2012 The National Library, Jerusalem, Israel – international competition
2013 Regional Council of Judea District, Biet Shemesh, Israel – competition
2013 Zhongshan Junior High School, Shenzhen, China – competition


Yuval Baer, Partner
Columbia University NY,
Master of Science in Building Design
The Technion, Haifa, B Arch
Bezalel, Academy of Art & Design,
Senior Lecturer
Licensed since 1988


Galit Shifman-Nathan
Bezalel, Academy of Art & Design,
Jerusalem, B Arch
Licensed since 1994


Jerusalem Studio


Avidan Elzas
Consultant Partner
Civil Engineer, Specialty in Sustainable Design
The Technion, Haifa, BSc in Civil Engineering
Licensed by US LEED AP in Sustainable Design

Michal Magen- Cohen
Politecnico De Milano, B Arch

Anna Kerzner
The Technical University
Poltava, M. Sc

Maria Yunis- Akra
The Technion, Haifa, B Arch

Nadezda Samokhina
The Technical Government University
Lipetsk, M. Sc

Liat Hollander
Ariel University Center, B Arch
The Technion, Haifa, MID

Dina Joseff
The Technion, Haifa, B Arch

Rachel Cohen
Office Manager, Jerusalem Studio

Shenzhen Studio

Sharon Liu
Office Manager, Shenzhen Studio
Shenzhen University BA in Law

Hanan Belisha
Architect, Shenzhen Studio
Bezalel, Academy of Art & Design Jerusalem
B Arch